Solar Energy Workshop

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If only there was some kind of free power souce to use all day!

EDN organized a fantastic 2-part workshop for the Bangkok Design Week (in association with TCDC). This two-part workshop was held to find new uses for solar-panels. The first part of the workshop allowed participants to dream of new and innovative landscapes for solar-energy. A three-week gap then allowed initial concepts to be incubated and developed into ‘real ideas’ for presentation in the second part of the workshop. Participants included professional engineers, academics and passionate proactive members of the public. Each brought a unique dimensions to the workshop (from practical skills and scientific knowledge to futuristic insights and dream-like inspirational suggestions).

Following the first session, a host of creative concepts were synthesized into four achievable ideas and initial groups reshuffled themselves to form ‘super solavenger’ teams. Their four ideas were: 1) TRIDENT, a sea-drone helping to develop Thailand’s ‘blue economy’. 2) TRANSOLARITY, a modular solar-energy system for Bangkok transporatation that included short-journey motorcycles, boats, trains etc. 3) ENERGY GIFT,  a compact energy system capable of being shipped anywhere on the planet by tapping into existing transportation logistics and 4) SOLARSCAN, an ‘app’ to reduce obstacles for people wanting to transition to solar-power. Two of the four projects have since received ‘honourable mentions’ and some are now