Rapid Energy Solar Pack

Posted by edn.world

For those needing instant energy in difficult environments!

Different Scenario:

 The Rapid Energy Solar Pack fills negative energy voids in society instantly. It helps those in energy poverty by providing energy for pumping-wells in dry zones, drone-stations in remote areas, recovery after natural disasters, scientific exploration in nature, camping, forestry, survival in extreme environments and many other scenarios. This system is designed to be easily installed using only a very small amount of people. It can be assembled and arranged into a infinite number of combinations based-on the many different scenarios it encounters at the site.


Module / Logistics:

 This product is a modular energy system. Its minimum module (4 solar panels) has a 1 kW capacity. The modular pattern has been designed to fit any mobility and logistical system, such as shipping container, pickup truck, palette, cargo bike, even air drop! In this way, it can tap into almost any logistical network system to practically cover all land-area on Earth. With a maximum capacity shipping container able to carry 160 solar panels, the Rapid Energy Solar Pack can generate 40 kW of energy!




This system flexibly works in many scenarios.

1) Low-income community where need to pump the water, or micro scale industry, such as sewing manufacture or tourism.

2) EV charge station and eco tourism

3) Alternative clean solution at the rof top in urban context.

4) Emergency situation in post natural disaster.   and more!!