ENERGY Gift mini workshop in Bangkok Design Week 2020

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Use your own energy from a self-assembled lantern!

 ENERGY Gift mini is an energy and education support project for non-electrified areas of the world (currently estimated at about 20% of the world’s population). It is a solar lantern project for kids who live in remote off-grid regions of Thailand. It is also an ‘educational toy’ for kids who live in on-grid environments, helping them to learn how to harvest energy from the sun. In 2017, the ENERGY Gift mini project was organized on Hang Island, a remote energy-challenged area of Thailand. We organized assembly workshops and donated a number of lantern products we created to local communities.


 This assembly workshop invited many visitors during the Bangkok Design Week 2019. All visitors commented on how they enjoyed the experience of assembling the solar lantern product, and how it helped them to gain knowledge about its system of energy. There are still unfortunately many communities that struggle with poverty in non-electrified environments within Thailand. Our Energy Gift mini will soon address them.




Assemble it, Experience it, and Knowing it!

Many participants enjyed the simple process of assembly and learned how the system works through the ENERGY Gift mini experience here!