ENERGY DESIGN HUB Talk Live vol.4 [ ENERGY X Existence ]

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“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” 

 The latest ‘TalkLive’ event was ENERGY v Existence. From the start of the event, loads of business cards were exchanged amidst discussion about new energy collaborations. The event itself generated interesting discussion about how energy issues intersect with existence. This ranged from our human vulnerability during disasters, to consumption of crickets as an alternative human-energy source, and finally onto human extinction!

There was an international cast of architects, (Japan, Italy, Thailand), energy designers, (Japan, UK, Thailand), an entomologist/chef, (Japan), a Design Director, (China). The exciting format of the TalkLive event was a catalyst for lively debate (the one-minute time limit for all presentations and the random order of slides always left room for group discussion at the end of each slide session).


The panellists brought very different ideas to an extremely stimulating event. Some strong opinions were also voiced from the audience (who were moved by discussion topics and were grateful to have such a window to debate intriguing issues). A transcript of the event is available!


 Following the intimate event, everyone was excited to participate in future TalkLive discussions. The next TalkLive will be ENERGY x Agriculture, looking at how we are all literally eating the planet to death!!! Thanks to our sponsors!